Advanced Facebook Ads Strategy 2020

  – [Neil] Hey everyone, it’s Neil Patel. And today I’m going to teach you an advanced Facebook adstrategy, using ManyChat, in essence I’m going to teach you how to retain your subscribers forever. 

Because when you pay for ads,specifically Facebook ads you get people to your site, but then after they come to your site you usually never see them again. 

And I’m going to teach you howto retain these people forever so you can get a bigger bang for your buck when it comes to your advertising dollars. So, first off, why areFacebook ads so important to capitalize on? And I’m going to breakthis down just in case you don’t use Facebook ads. 

Just in one year Facebook ads went from roughly 57 cents to, for a cost per click to 81 cents. It shows you the power, ads wouldn’t keep going up in costs unless they were effective. Why would people spend more money unless they’re getting ROI from it? 

But here’s the thing, eventhough they’re getting ROI, they’re becoming really, really expensive. When it comes to re-targeting, retargeting is when you visit a website and then when you browse the web, you see that website follow youall around the web with ads, that’s example ofre-targeting or re-marketing. And when it comes to re-targeting users who clicked on your ads, for those users you end upwind to have to pay more for re-targeting ads in order to be frontof those people again. 

And the worst part, only a fraction of thepeople who click on your ads in the first place, will click on the re-targeting ads again. So how do you overcome that? Well, I’m going to teach you that. And the biggest strategy forthat is Omnichannel marketing. 

See marketing has evolved in omnichannel, used to be able to build abusiness with just one channel, but that’s no longer the case. Now you had to use multiple-channels to keep getting that customer to come back and converse whether that’sSMS, emails, native ads, SEO, social media, push notifications,the list goes on and on, but you want to go omnichannel. And with so many opportunitiescomes the need for you to make sure that your brand’s voice is not being lost in theprocess because if you do that it will help ensure that your messaging is gettingacross the correct way and you’re converting thosepeople into customers. 

Now, one way to create asolid Omnichannel approach and I’m going to show you how to do so is with a free toolthat is called ManyChat. They have paid options as well, but you can get started for free. 

And I’m going to break downhow you can use ManyChat to get more from your Facebook ads and retain your subscribers and continually keep people coming back. And I’m going to showyou the exact templates and the steps that I use formy own campaign in ManyChat. 

So first you got tocreate ManyChat account. You just go there, create your account except their terms of serviceif you agree upon them, or you can read them. I tend to just click,accept on almost everything when I set on for thesesoftware companies. 

You’ll be asked a series ofquestions about your business answer them and then youhead over to step two. Which is you had to define your offer. It’s important to have something valuable to offer to your audience. 

Look, there’s no point in creating ad if you’re not going tooffer anything valuable because if you don’tcreate something valuable you’re not going to stand out. And that could be a free course,a webinar, or a case study, a discount, a checklist,cheat sheet, even a quiz, whatever it may be something different will help you stand out andthe more quickly assessable that thing is thatyou’re offering for free can create instant gratification and increase your conversions. Next you want to createor select a workflow. 

See when you’re in ManyChat,what I want you to do is select a flow to deliver your lead magnet. So whatever you’re givingthat is your lead magnet like that checklist, that cheat sheet, so you got to create aflow to deliver that. And you want to selectTemplates tab on the left, and you can either select a free template or upgrade to pro formore advanced templates. And advancing to do is if you want to createyour template flow you can do that as well. 

I recommend just starting off using one of the free templates orone of their pay templates versus creating one on your own, it just makes the process easier. And then eventually I would recommend as you are getting more sales to eventually go create your own template, but first start off withone that’s already created because it just makes life easier. 

Then you want to create your Ad Account, so select the Ads buttonon the left hand side, you’re going to have to connectyour Facebook Ad Account and once you’ve done thatjust click Activate Ads and you’ll be able toCreate Your First Ad button. 

And let’s start off withthat, which is the next step. So I want you with your AdAccount to in essence run an ad and you’re going to create acampaign, and for this campaign I want you to send Messages,then the campaign name, whatever it is just make itvery relevant so you know. And you can also set yourspending limit for the campaign. 

I usually put 100 dollars just to be safe, you can put more, you can put less, but I do recommend putting alimit, I know it’s optional but I highly recommend that you just don’t want to gocrazy and spend too much money. Then you have to setyour Message Destination, to Click to Messenger. You’re going to name your Ad Set and in this case I’m going tofocus on location targeting. 

So I’m going to select Los Angeles because I want to targetLos Angeles, California. You can also target anylocation you want in the world, but I recommend if you’re a local business select a local audienceand if you’re a national you can select a country. Typically when you select a region, you can control where your spend is going. 

Like if you know you’renot going to get business in a certain area, thelast thing you want to do is have any of your money spent there. And when you’re goingthroughout the whole process make sure you select the Age,Gender, Language, Locations, all that kind of stuff. And you can also put inmore advanced parameters like, I’m focusing onlyon people in Los Angeles, but I can select other languages, I can select multiple thingslike I can drill down to men or just women, or a specific age range. Or you can start off broad but typically the more specific you get the more conversions you’re going to see. 

And the last step in creating your Ad Set is to target interest-based audience. And when doing this, the more specific youget with your interests, it’s going to target people whoare interested in that subject. But what’s the key here is exclude people. Now, this is optional alot of people don’t do this but the more you exclude and the more you narrow further down, what you’ll find is you’ll getmuch more targeted visitors. It’ll be harder to spend the money, but when you do spend the money those people tend to bemore likely to convert into a paying customer. Now ask for step seventime to create your ad. 

Here’s where you create your ad and you’ll also see what isgoing to be shown to people in essence what it looks like. So fill the Text, the Headline,Description accordingly. Set you’re call to actionto the Message Page, and my offer is goingto be giving customers let’s say 20% off ifthey book appointment now through this ad. And you don’t have to get that crazy, some people want to do thiscrazy stuff like 50, 60% off, be careful cause you’re paying for the ad and the last thing you wantto do is lose money as well. So just be careful if youdecide to give a discount. 

Next, you’re going to hitthe Creative Message button, this is where you create themessage that sends to people when they click on your ad. And you can see why I setmine to on the right side, you can see the image, how it looks. And I’ve also added theimage for visual effects cause a picture says athousand words as they say. And you can use likethings like animated jokes, or videos, or lists,all these things work. You can just start offsimple with the image I found that just workreally cool as well. Video works too, butsometimes that is overkill. And then what you’re going towant to do for the next step is to select the Quick Reply button. 

Write a message for yourclick reply mine is Book now and then select the imageto be your Messenger icon, then hit Go To Flow button. This is where that templateis going to come into play and I’ll show you how this really works I know some of this may seem confusing, but I’ll show you this fully in play. And then throughout this whole process you were probably like, what is a flow? 

Well, this makes it sothe audience can respond to your messages and continue the conversation, giving detailed automated responses based on the audiences answers. Think of like a chat bot, whensomeone types in a question you want to give themthe appropriate answer and that’s what that flow helps, helps you build thatcredibility, that trust and they’re more likely to convert. And then from there I’m going to select my pre-downloaded template,once you open that flow it’ll give you a bunchof different flow options to choose from dependingon your objective. And then from there, since my objectives is to get people to book appointment, I’m going to select the Booking flow this is going to allow people to converse with yourmessenger bot with this flow or messaging sequences. 

And if you don’t see a flowthat matches your goal, you can always just editor adjust existing template and then you’ll want tohit Select this Flow or and then and Create New Flow. As I mentioned, I’m goingto show you how this works so that way you don’t get too confused. And this is your preview, right? This is also step nine. So you can see what itlooks like interacting when you do the preview. And this is important because you want to see what it looks like before you show it to peopleor short running your ad and spending money. 

Now last but not least,you need to run your ad hit Send to Facebookbutton at the top right and boom! you’re off into the races. Now, the reason I love thisis because through Messenger at least with my site, as well as with a lot of my clients we’ve seen open rates as high as 88% and click-through rates as high as 56% which is ridiculously high, I wish I was getting that through email. But by using all ofthis, what you’ll find is your ads will run more effectively. Look now that you got everything going you need to still be omnichannel. 

Facebook ads are effective,Facebook Messenger is effective, but you can’t stop there. It’s why I do SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, I leverage all the channels out there. I also want you to leverageemail and SMS marketing. Now SMS marketing is expectedto grow to 48.7 million people who want to opt in forcompany-wide communications. So SMS marketing is exploding, it’s growing at a very fast pace and you can also do thatthrough ManyChat if you want so that way you’re leveraging people and getting them back to your site, and I’m going to show youexactly how you do that. 

Because when you spend moneywhether it’s for e-commerce service based business, localbusiness, B to B, B to C, it doesn’t matter. But when you spend money onFacebook ads the issue is people click on theads and then that’s it, they very rarely come back you’re really unlikely to engage with them and you don’t really see them again, but we’re about to fix that right now. So if you think about SMS marketing, you see people like Gary Vaynerchuck all over the web promotinghis SMS phone number saying, “Hey, is Gary Vaynerchuck texts me here.” 

Why is he doing that? Because he doesn’t want to rely on ads or the platforms like Facebooktaking away his reach. So he’s trying to build hisown community through SMS. And there’s a lot of other markers like the Grant Cardone’s ofthe world, doing that as well. And SMS has even a higheropen rate of roughly 98% and the click through rateis amazing as well at 36%. 

So what I want you to do is start building these email addresses, I want you to start collecting these SMS phone numbers as well, and you can engage with youraudience through messenger and ask them for their email address, ask them for their phonenumber, and store it so that way you can do broadcast as well and then keep getting peopleto come back to your site. And this is how you retain people, right? 

That way they can keep messagingyou on and on and on again, because if you alreadyhave him chatting with you on Facebook Messenger might aswell get their email address and might as well get their phone number. And when you combine both of them you’re more likely toget them to come back and buy from you in the future. 

Now, you may be wonderingis Facebook Messenger better is email better, pushnotifications better, SMS better. It’s not that one is better than the other you want to leverage all of them. If they can all helpdrive you sales why not? Don’t pick one, don’t pickthe other, pick all of them, and that’s how you grow. And even through text messaging, you can end up creatingvery tailored sequence you can use the same process in ManyChat to create customized emailsequences, text messages, and this all helps youcommunicate with people and sell them over time as well. 

I also have customized templateswithin ManyChat as well if you want to use mytemplates, you can download them and you can also use my coupon code if you want 30 days freefor my ManyChat templates so that way you can have access to them. Enjoy I hope they provide you conversions like they’ve provided mewith many conversions. 

And there are so manydifferent types of templates from e-commerce templates, a lot of minor e-commerce templates. They’ve worked extremely welland they covered well for me, but test them out and you canfigure out what works for you and adjust and adapt. And here’s some examples of my flows I know they look pretty complicated but they work really well inconverting people into email SMS, as well as thingslike abandoned cart. 

And they work for a lotof different sectors and you can use differenttemplates, or adjust them, or create your own as well. So some key takeaways for youis Facebook ads are effective, but I try to get people togive you their email address, try to get them to giveyou their phone number, so that way they can keep coming back and you can convert them over time. 

Cause most of the peoplethat click on your ads do not convert and this is why you wantto get these data points so that way you can keepmarketing to those people, which is much cheaperthan re-marketing ads. And if you have any questionsor need help with anything, leave a comment below andI’m here to help you out. If you enjoyed this video, like it, share it to a friend, you subscribe to the channel. And if you need any help, as I mentioned just leave a comment below am here to help you out. Take care and thank you very much. 

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