How To Get 1000 Subscribers Using Youtube Thumbnail.

How To Get 1000 Subscribers Using Youtube Thumbnail.

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Here’s how YOU can create thumbnails peopleWANT to click on, for FREE with TubeBuddy’s thumbnail generator.

The thumbnail is perhaps the most importantaspect of optimizing your videos because it’s the first thing people see. If your thumbnail doesn’t compel someoneto click and watch your YouTube video, it doesn’t matter how good the video is becauseit won’t be seen.

We know that creating thumbnails can be difficultwhen you start out, and editing softwares- can be expensive.

That’s why we created the TubeBuddy thumbnailgenerator for free so YOU create thumbnails without leaving YouTube. You can launch the Thumbnail Generator onthe Upload screen after your video has been processed.

For existing videos, you can find it on thevideo edit page or my videos page under misc. (Plan for the first step is to show each process,so selecting a still, choosing a solid color, uploading an image.) First you need to choose how you want to generateyour background layer. This can be either a still frame from thevideo, a solid canvas with a color of your choice, or an image/ existing thumbnail.

I’ll be using a still image from this videoas an example! If you want to change what background you’veselected you can do so here. Just re-select step one, and switch to whicheverbackground layer you’d like. Next, we will look at the Layers tab. Similar to any photo-editing or other designsoftware which uses layers., you can add multiple layers to your thumbnails to help them standout.

To edit your base layer, you will need touncheck lock background option found here. Then select the image within the thumbnailgenerator. Here you’ll notice the layer edit toolbar. Here you can bring the layer to the front,send the layer to the back, lock the layer, add a black or white drop shadow, and finallychange the opacity, brightness or contrast. You can also do this to an image you bringinto the thumbnail generator!

If we go back to step 1, we can choose thisthumbnail and make changes. This allows you more control of the image,and you can make changes to enhance the image cmore for YouTube. I’ll go ahead and edit the image with younow! [Show sped up thumbnail generation process] Once You’ve made all the edits to the mainlayer, you’ll want to go ahead and lock the background layer here. Now that we’re done editing the backgroundwe can add other layers to it. The following can be added for free! Text, images, shapes, and emojis.

The frame and template sections do requirea paid TubeBuddy license. The “Frame” section is provided by ourfriends at If you’d like to get a free trial to trythis feature, and have never had a free trial before, check out that video on screen now,and then come back to this video to learn how to generate thumbnails. Let’s go back to step one, and upload thebackground you see for all of the TubeBuddy videos!

We’ll upload our background image, and thenhead to step two. Here we’ll add an image by selecting imageand hitting the plus sign here. It’s important to note that Free TubeBuddyusers can only add one custom image, and cannot upload a custom font or create templates.

If possible, we always recommend trying toshoot an image for the thumbnail, that way the image can better portray what the messageof — your video is about. Our goal at TubeBuddy is to help you generateprofessional looking thumbnails for free!

Now that you have a background image, youcan add a shape and place it behind other images to help them stand out against thebackground.

You can also add a shadow to an image to stickout more. Then you can select the font you want to use. When designing a Thumbnail it should be basedaround a well researched title.

A compelling thumbnail and a well researchedtitle should work together to not only show up in search results, but also compel usersto click on your video. Here is where you can design to your heart’scontent, and here’s how WE do it at TubeBuddy!

[Show thumbnail being designed] If you typically use the same format for yourthumbnails, you can save time by saving a set of layers as a Template.

Then for future videos, it’s as easy asapplying your existing template and making a few tweaks to the text, image, or shapesfor example. Remember, this does require a paid TubeBuddylicense.

The Final Step is the preview! This will show you how well your thumbnailstands out against its competition. It will also show you what it looks like onother social media platforms.

However, before you publish we also give yousome tips to remember: Use bright and high contrast images, try to include a human faceif you can, and if it makes sense for the video, make sure you can read any text thatyou added, and use consistent font, shapes, colors, and images across your thumbnailsthat are consistent with your brand.

You also have the option to download yourthumbnail, and if you’re unsure how it will perform, you can run an A/B test, but thatdoes require the highest level of TubeBuddy!

Once you’re happy with your thumbnail, allyou need to do is hit Save and Publish. TubeBuddy will publish your thumbnail liveand you’re good to go.

Good videos can be less discoverable due tobad thumbnails, but with TubeBuddy, and our Thumbnail Generator we can help you improveyour thumbnails! We want to know! What would you like to see from Thumbnailgenerator?

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